'Things really come alive in what's called the "director's view": tap an image and the artwork fills the screen, putting the reader in the same place as the characters [...] What's remarkable is how effective it all is. Calhoun's music is no doubt experimental, but his tracks and the artwork play nimbly off one another.'

The Verge

'... a narrative about an ear worm that is, itself, an ear worm! The Book of Sarth is the first example of an entirely new art form for the early 21st century.'

The Eighth Nerve

'Music always needs a new medium, because it's always changing. I think if music doesn't have technology on its side, it tends to have the problem of where to go, it starts to run out of steam.'

Tumblr Storyboard

'[...] easy to use with fabulous graphics. The unique use of music to help tell the story truly makes it stand out from your average storytelling app. Its ability to combine art forms with technology is also something entirely new and pretty exciting.'

App Picker

'What I think is the most impressive and admirable part of this whole thing is that by delivering his music and his ideas in this way, Sarth has handed us (the general public) and the music industry at large an exciting and potentially lucrative new way of distributing words, music and images.'

Chain D.L.K.

'I wouldn't mind rolling a j before playing with this trippy app.'


What is Book of Sarth?

The Book of Sarth is a new way to experience storytelling through art and music. It is an interactive graphic novel and musical album all wrapped into one. We call it a graphic+album=Gralbum.

It includes:

8-song experimental music album
80+ page animated graphic novel
30-minute DirectedView playback that you can reorder by touch
Export songs to iTunes to listen and share Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

The Book of Sarth - The first Gralbum

Who is Sarth?


Sarth began playing piano at age six. By age 8, he fell in love with comic books, carefully collecting his favorites each week. In his teens, he stopped buying comic books to save up for his first bass guitar. He began playing in rock bands around New York City while getting acquainted with the cyber world in a time he refers to as "the grey era," when web pages were not yet marked up with color. Along his musical journeys, he met cellist and songwriter Leah Coloff, who convinced him to combine computers with music. The band they established, Number19, funded its first record with downloads from mp3.com in 2001. Then in 2005 he founded the band Lucibel Crater, where he really began to experiment with electronic music and the looping of sounds, a band which Vogue Italia described as "Bjork meets The White Stripes." Sarth met Lou Reed when he recorded with Lucibel Crater. In between touring tiny venues in Italy and Germany with Lucibel Crater, Sarth joined forces in a new band with Lou Reed and Ulrich Krieger to form the Metal Machine Trio. Their collaboration resulted in a tai chi meditation record [http://www.loureed.com/power/]. Lou and Sarth continued the soundscape collaborations, which culminated in recording and performing "Lulu" with Metallica. Currently, Sarth is inventing a new medium called the gralbum (graphic+album) to combine his lifelong love of music with his mistress, graphic novels. The premiere gralbum is The Book of Sarth, available for download at the iTunes store. This will be the first of many, as he has formed a publishing company called the Gralbum Collective to house more of his collaborative creations and help other artists produce similar works. He is the continuum fingerboarding champion of the world.

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